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Request Ultramar: Technological developments with impact on business

The largest maritime agency in the country, Globaldesk-Ultramar provides multiple services related to foreign trade. Part of its value offer lies in the availability of highly complex systems that allow its clients to conduct their business with fluidity and security, so they turned to Fusiona to carry out a series of projects to improve and maintain their web platforms.

A technological-strategic accompaniment

One of the first challenges of this process of accompaniment was the need to unify different payment systems that until now worked isolated from each other, which was generating a decrease in the monthly payment rate through digital channels. Fusiona completely designed a new and centralized transactional portal - using the Liferay platform and the online payment system Khipu- which allows multiple online operations, such as the entry and exit of containers, as well as introduce modifications to their respective documentation.

Another important milestone in this relationship was the migration of the Ultramar Public Website, as well as other satellite sites, from a Liferay platform to IBM Portal. The project, which had originally been awarded to a third party, had to be redirected to the Fusiona team in a limited time and with the obligation to correct a number of functionality problems.


Ultramar is currently using the IBM Portal platform in a satisfactory manner and Fusiona continues to provide maintenance and improvement services on the different functionalities of the web. In addition, the number of transactions performed through the page increased by more than 100% thanks to the unified payment platform developed by Fusiona.

About Ultramar

Born in 1952, Ultramar Agencia Marítima is the largest maritime brokerage company for ships that board at Chilean ports. It has a presence in Chile’s main maritime, air and land terminals, from Arica to Puerto Williams, and has also recently expanded to several countries in Latin America, offering services throughout the transport chain and cargo movement logistics.

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