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Request Sura: Intelligence and usability to improve web presence

The insurance industry worldwide is one of the most developed in the digital field and the leading companies in this sector in Chile have also begun to join this trend. With the intention of optimizing their web presence, both from an internal and customer facing point of view, we helped Sura to carry out a set of developments and maintenance works related to its public website.

A process of permanent improvement

Within the framework of a continuous consultancy and maintenance service whose efforts aim to improve the quality of Sura's digital assets, both those aimed at end customers and internal customers, we have developed two outstanding projects.

The first consists in the design of a dashboard that presents the main KPIs of the digital business in such a way that the team in charge of the company's digital strategy is able to visually recognize the percentage of fulfillment of its objectives.

The second corresponds to the design of a savings simulator, with a focus on a specific customer target, which includes variables such as age and saving capacity, among others, which allows to deliver a realistic and attractive commercial proposal to the client.


These projects have optimized the internal management of key digital targets for Sura, as well as improved different navigation indicators in sections of great importance for the user, such as the savings simulator. Fusiona continues to provide maintenance and development services for Sura both on its public website and on satellite pages.

About Sura

Sura is a company of Colombian origin, with presence in a dozen Latin America countries, whose main turn is in the investments, the handling of capitals and the insurance. They are also the most important group in pensions in Latam. Its global assets reach 10 billion dollars and in Chile they are one of the leading companies in the insurance sector.

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