Accompanying mothers from Latin America with a smarter Child Nutrition program



Strategy Development

Request Nestle: Accompanying mothers of Latin America with a smarter Child Nutrition program

The Bebe Sano (Healthy baby) program in Nestle's infant nutrition area was conceived as a permanent campaign in several Latin American countries to accompany mothers in the gestation process and up to the eighth month of life of the child in matters related to food and health . Nestle asked Fusiona to update the website of the program and accompany it with a new strategy of communication and measurement of contents.

The project

The first challenge was to create sites differentiated by each market (eight in total), all with their own CMS to facilitate the management of content independently. In addition, an application was created for the intelligent sending of e-mails, delivering relevant information according to the stage of the "maternity trip" in which the users were, such as the purchase of food supplements, vaccines reminders and medical examinations.

To better control the proposed digital objectives, a CRM with restricted accesses was designed according to market, to measure a series of KPIs such as visits to the website, opening rate for emails, new registrations in the program, and data coming from social media like number of Retweets or comments on Facebook.


Thanks to this project the child nutrition program was unified for much of the continent and an increase of registrations was obtained in the web page. The latter is a key data if we consider that the majority of these registrations are women, who in addition to showing more commitment towards the brand are the ones that make the purchase decision.

About Nestle

One of the largest food companies in the world, with presence in 180 countries. Born in Switzerland, Nestle is headquartered in practically every country in Latin America and in Chile it is considered the food brand with the highest penetration in national supermarkets.

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