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RequestMovistar: Improving the digital consumer journey

In its path towards digital maturity, one of Movistar's priorities is to deliver an outstanding experience to its users in all its attention platforms. With that goal in mind, Fusiona has become a vital strategic partner for the company by leading the ongoing digital consumer journey improvement program.

A permanent improvement service

Optimizing the experience that users have with the Movistar brand in their digital channels translates into a series of challenges of diverse nature that impact the entire organization. Nonetheless, there is a particularly crucial challenge: to create a coherent User Experience strategy that allows the requirements of the different departments of the company - each with its respective corporate structure - to be implemented through projects that are very different in terms of time and technological constraints. Fusiona has become a strategic partner of Movistar precisely because of its ability to interpret these multiple requirements and adapt to the different needs within the organization, joining projects at different levels of progress.

As part of the ongoing digital consumer journey enhancement program, Fusiona conducts UX studies (such as usability testing, accessibility analysis, focus groups, surveys, heuristics and eyetracking tests) that provide valuable information on new features developed for websites and mobile applications of Movistar before they are published, which guarantees a high level of effectiveness and a greater satisfaction on the part of the users.


The studies conducted by Fusiona provide useful information for making decisions about the design of the digital interfaces, directly impacting the conversions improvement. The insights gained have served, for example, to define how to name a service so that it is easily understood, as well as to explore the interests of customers and non-customers, all in order to offer products that best suit their needs.

About Movistar

Movistar is the largest Telco in Spain, with presence in practically all Latin America. It has been considered one of the most valuable brands worldwide for different rankings and in Chile is the telephone company with the largest number of subscribers, both fixed and mobile.

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