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Request Gasco - Manage orders in a simpler, faster and more convenient way

Bulk propane gas is the most used form of heating in Chile and Gasco is one of the most important suppliers in the country. In a highly competitive market, the speed and efficiency of the shipment of gas cylinders is vital, so Gasco asked Fusiona to create a mobile application that would facilitate the process of requesting and delivering the product to customers.

The project

Although the initial application focused precisely on achieving this objective, through successive stages the project was incorporating new and revolutionary functionalities. One of them was the ability to segment customers: by using the same identification criteria as the rest of the customer support channels - such as the website or the call center - users can be tracked through multiple points of contact to deliver a communication and personalized offers.

Other functions include scheduling deliveries, reviewing purchase history, receiving promotional campaigns, paying directly from the mobile device, and obtaining metrics or gas tanks information associated with the account. Today, users can also get push notifications about the level of the gas tanks through a telemetry system. All designed to offer a simpler, faster and more comfortable experience for the client.


Thanks to these functionalities, unique to the local market, the application was among the most downloaded in Chile for ten consecutive weeks, a milestone for this industry. Today about 30% of all requests for home gas cylinders are made through the mobile application.

About Gasco

Founded in 1856, Gasco is one of the oldest companies in Chile dedicated to the distribution of gas for domestic and industrial use. It’s the main supplier of domestic liquefied gas in the country and the only company that has a private terminal of shipment and storage for this commodity.

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