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Strategy Development

Request A more intuitive platform to avoid critical errors and shorten training time

As part of an analysis of its internal management platforms, Banco Santander's Department of Financial Operations detected a number of problems associated with the software Altos Montos (High transactions) used by its executives, including the cumbersome system and the lengthy training time needed to to use it, which required a week of training to be able to use its functionalities correctly and up to three months to be able to use it in a fluid way. Since this area is responsible for managing large flows of money, which are essential for the bank's proper functioning, the system's weaknesses increased the probability of error by users, which could eventually lead to millions in losses.

Our work

The Fusiona User Experience area conducted a series of exploratory studies that consisted mainly in collaborative design meetings and contextual interviews with stakeholders and the executives themselves, which allowed the identification of the critical points of the platform and the elaboration of a strategy to reconstruct it in conjunction with the area responsible inside the Bank.

Thanks to the inputs obtained from this first stage of research, the information architecture and interactive prototype design was developed with a focus on the real needs of the business, but without forgetting the opinion of the end users who utilize this tool; a process that was empirically corroborated when testing with them and even with users who had never been exposed to the system.


The tests carried out on the new platform concluded that the learning time had diminished from one week to five minutes and that all critical tasks had been substantially simplified, thus reducing the costs associated with training and the margin of error, achieving and even surpassing the initial expectations of the project by also generating:

  • An increase in the satisfaction using of the system.
  • Option to expand the profiles that can use the platform.

About Banco Santander

Banco Santander is a well-known Spanish financial institution, with presence in much of America. It has more than 13 thousand offices around the world, with about 200 thousand employees and more than 120 million customers. In Chile it is the largest bank in the movement of assets, which are managed precisely by the Financial Operations area through Altos Montos system.

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